Meet Barb Krieger!

Barbara D Krieger
7635 Forest View Road
West Bend, WI 53090

I have always had a love for dogs. I grew up with mixed breeds, but always wanted a purebred. After graduating from college, I purchased an Irish Setter. Upon his death I went in search of the perfect breed for me, starting with a visit to local dog shows and meeting various breeders. I decided on a Flat Coated Retriever. The Flat Coated Retriever has met all of my expectations: A beautiful dog that loves to be indoors or outdoors as long as it’s spending time with me. A smart dog, quick to learn, does not require a heavy hand and stays youthful throughout its life. When I purchased by first Flat Coated Retriever in 1985, I had no idea the path this little liver puppy would lead me down. CH Whatzthat Reilly Boy JH, WC CD “Reilly”, he was my first for doing everything: showing, hunting, hunt test, obedience and even breeding. I soon learned I had better not be shy to put on a skirt to show a dog, then quickly change into a pair of hunting pants to head to the fields. I am often amazed to think of what this dog went through just so I could learn to do these things, true patience on the part of Reilly. Between jobs, I went to work for well respected trainer, Ray Sommers, and am grateful for the time spent with him, and for teaching me the ins and outs of field training. I so enjoyed hunting upland birds and water fowl with Reilly that it inspired me to go in search of property to develop into a kennel. In 1990, I purchased 80 acres, built a house and kennel building, dug 2 ponds, and drove my first tractor, plowing and planting grass for the training fields.

Throughout the years I have met many wonderful people through my Flat Coats. They come from all walks of life and from all over the world. I have imported dogs from England, and bred to dogs from one end of North America to the other. I have even used a dog from Sweden in my breeding program. It does not matter whether I am hunting, showing, tending to puppies, attending clinics or traveling with my Flat Coats, it seems we all have one thing in common- the love of our dogs. Life really is grand when you have Flat Coats!

Piya and Barb in WY

Lakota and Barb at a National Specialty